Softball Earns CIF Birth

May 15, 2017

The Mount Miguel Matadors softball team will host San Ysidro High in the first round of the Division V CIF Championship.
First year head coach Kevin Darby will lead the Matadors to their first CIF appearance in almost a decade.
"Making CIF was on our radar but not winning it," Coach Darby said. "This year was just to make the tournament and have a decent season as far as the wins so I think we accomplished our small goals."
Coach Darby credits the family-like atmosphere around the team for this year's success.
"It seems like a family. We worked hard last year when I was the assistant coach on some skills but this year we had a lot more interacting like pizza parties and hang outs at lunch and stuff like that and it really brought the whole team together," Darby explained.
Senior captain Nereida Berrios, who earned All-League Honorable Mention this season, is looking forward to her first CIF game.
"It's amazing because people always put Mount Miguel down and to be able to say I actually made it and not just by myself but with my team and playing for my school is one of the greatest things ever," Berrios said.
The Matadors finished the season as the fifth seed in their division. Juniors Yvette Andrade and Stephanie Herrera earned First Team All-League. Sophomore Jacqelyn Espinoza and junior Juliette Harris earned Second Team All-League.
Herrera is happy with her team's and her own accomplishments.
"It means a lot considering the fact that I've played for almost 12 years now so all my hard work is basically paying off," Herrera said.
First pitch will be today at 3:30 pm. Coach Darby expects a solid game from his ball club.
"I want the girls to not make any errors and just take care of the routine plays," Darby said. "And put the ball in play on offense. We should come out with a victory if we do all those things correctly."
Berrios had a much more simple answer when asked what she expects of her first CIF game.
"I expect to take a dub!"