Matadors To Compete This Weekend for a National Championship

John Duran February 16, 2017

Mount Miguel Matadors Dance Club is sending 13 kids to Las Vegas to compete at the Jamz School Dance National Championship on Friday, February 17 at the Orleans Arena.
First year Dance Advisor Reynaldo Acacio has taken a program that has struggled for years to just get an advisor to winning regionals and competing for a national title.
"We are very excited because we didn't expect to go this far," Reynaldo, an alumni from the class of 1993, said. "But it's all about having fun."
Having a dance advisor with experience has been crucial for this group's success. Having dancers who loved to dance was just as important according to captain Sydney Sweat.
"I really just wanted to have a group of passionate dancers that didn't just want to be here for the materialistic things," Sweat said. "I wanted some people that actually loved to dance."
Sweat's expectations changed after seeing how dedicated her fellow dancers were/
"I realized we could be special after I saw all the choreography we were making and how excited excited everyone was," Sweat recalled. "Actually meeting up everyday, even weekends. I knew we could do really big things."
The next step is Vegas.
Junior Jared Torres joined the dance team thanks in large part to having Reynaldo around everyday. He is excited for the future of the program.
"Next year we are trying to be out there," Torres exclaimed. "We are trying to let people know we are here."
After winning regionals, there is no doubting that.