How To Post an Announcement

First you login by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking the Login link. Then hit the red Google button to login with your guhsd.net account.

Posting an announcement is as easy as filling out a form.

Here are the fields on the form.

Item Name: 
This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Only the first 150 characters will show on the home page.  The rest will show when the link is clicked.

A small thumbnail of this image is shown on the homepage and a larger copy on the linked page.  You have to first upload the image than select the image.  Images you upload in the past can be reused.  To upload an image, first click Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 9.18.06 PMthen Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 9.18.12 PM.  You can then drag your picture into the box or browse your computers files to select it.

Then you must click Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 9.32.27 PMto actually have the image uploaded.  Finally click on the name of your image in the window to place it in the form.  You will see a preview of the image in the form if you have it uploaded correctly.

To post a slideshow of multiple images, first create a folder and then add multiple images to the folder.

YouTube URL:
You can add the full URL of the YouTube page to add the video from that page to the announcement.  It will be embedded in the page.

You can choose a document and have it embedded on the site.  (doc, xls, ppt, and pdf)

Embed Code:
You can use a google document embed code to place documents from Google Drive in your announcement.

These last options are needed in order to publish your announcement!

Item Published:
Set to "yes" by default, but you can switch to "no" if you are writing a draft and want to publish later.

Item Category:
You must select a category.

Item Publish Up:
Set to immediately by default.  You can set it to a future date if you wish.

Item Publish Down:
You must set an expiration date for your post.